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Lift the Fog on Property Risk and Losses

Thursday, July 28, 2022

9-9:45 am PDT / 12-12:45 pm EDT

Get a clear view of how taking control of property data can lead to better financial outcomes.

Understanding the complex interactions between a property owner’s building data, loss data, and insurer’s catastrophe models is essential to improving financial outcomes for everyone in the insurance buying process.

Join our experts as they explain how you can:

  • How the current process of delivering SOV and loss data to underwriters causes inefficiencies in the insurance buying process that lead to underinsured portfolios and higher premiums
  • Why integrating portfolio loss history with high-quality exposure data can improve the insurance buying process for buyers, brokers, and underwriters
  • What insurance buyers can do to control the narrative when renewing their policies to make sure insurers understand their risk and loss mitigation strategy

Stay tuned after the webinar for an interactive Q&A where you can ask our team of experts unique questions about your business.


Meet the Speakers

Phil Legrone

Director of Product Strategy

Valerie Chen

Senior Director, Account Management

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